April 30, 2020

Date Night Idea // Paint and Sip // Acrylic Painting on Canvas


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Getting messy, creative and a lil tipsy with your boo all while making fun art pieces for your home… this date night was a solid 10/10! I did a curbside pickup order at our local Michael’s store earlier in the day and then after Rhett went to sleep we mixed a couple cocktails – grapefruit margarita for me and a vodka and mango juice for Casey (lmao so cute) and then we headed out to the garage with the baby monitor and got to painting!

Here is everything you need to do your own painting date night:

  • Stretched canvas. I bought this in a few different sizes.

  • Flat paint brushes in a few different sizes.

  • Acrylic paint in all of the basic colors plus black and white. You can mix from there. We used these

  • Palette knives in 2’“ and 4” – this is what I painted with the most for mine.

You’ll also want lots of paper towels, a water cup or bucket for rinsing and small plastic or paper cups for mixing paint.

These Youtube videos were super helpful for some painting techniques and general inspo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDzcoyeaRKI&t=136s (THIS ONE IS GREAT FOR ALL THE TECHNIQUES)

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of paint and go crazy with it. I had such thick globs of paint and they have all dried just fine in less than 24 hrs.

Have fun!!

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