April 4, 2019

Intimate Couples Session // Seattle Couples Boudoir


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Relaxed + Romantic documentary style photography. I capture things just as they are, to bring you back to that day and make you feel all the same feels.


Intimate couples sessions, or couples boudoir is a fairly new concept that has been quickly gaining popularity for obvious reasons and I could not be more on board with the idea! As a photographer, I have always felt like the most important part of my job is telling the story of who my subject(s) are at the time I am photographing them. I have found that photographing couples indoors can help them feel so natural and relaxed and forget I’m even there.

With my first baby coming in May, I made the decision to take less 2019 weddings and have been focusing more on other parts of my business during this time. Boudoir photography has quickly become one of my favorite things and I am often doing sessions at a studio in either Tacoma or Seattle. The majority of my clients are brides-to-be wanting to have photos done to give their soon to be husband as a gift on their wedding day but I would love to see more couples book sessions together to capture the more intimate side of their relationship and have photos to keep as memories forever.

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