December 30, 2017

McKenna+John // Seattle, WA Beach Engagement


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I’m terrible at blogging. 

But I’m making a promise to myself to be better at it this year.

I have so many sessions to share and rather than being overwhelmed by which to share first, what images to pick from each session, WHAT THE EFF TO WRITE about each session I’m going to just do it.

So here is McKenna and John’s engagement session. We hung out at the beach in Ballard. John got very distracted with some ducks that we affectionately named the “Ballard Mallards.” I got distracted with airplanes flying overhead. We got into a heated debate with a man on the correct usage of the word “literally”. The whole thing was kind of a showcase of adult ADD and it’s a wonder I was able to get as many photos as I did. 

But I did. So here you go. 

Very excited to head to Richmond, VA in October to capture their wedding day!

Yay, blogging. 

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  1. Taylor says:

    Yay! So proud of you and of course, these are beautiful!

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