February 28, 2023

Hotel Boudoir Photo Shoot


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There are so many locations to choose from when you book your boudoir shoot. One of my favorites is hotel boudoir photo shoots. Not only are there unique options, but it gives a different vibe than shooting in a minimalist studio. Both are stunning.

Usually in studios, we’re working with whatever props that studio has available like a bed or couch. In a hotel room, we can work with a bunch of different things like a window sill, the bathroom, the mirrors, and more.

My advice for hotel boudoir photo shoots

Either choose a hotel that means something to you, or we’ll go with something super unique. It’s fun to shoot at a boutique hotel that might have different color walls or interesting furniture pieces.

Like most boudoir shoots, I want our hotel shoot to be collaborative. I’ve got poses to work with and guide you through, but I love to get your input as well. If an idea pops up in the middle of the shoot, let’s go for it!

Be daring

You can see in the shoot below that Amanda went for it. Her boudoir lingerie fit her personality, but it also complemented the space we were in. Like the hotel bougie vibe, her decision to be in one outfit that wasn’t just bra and underwear gave us a lot to work with.

So, when picking outfits for your boudoir shoot, think about where we’re going to be shooting. If we’re in a studio with tall ceilings and lots of space and not a lot of texture, do you want to complement that by also being minimalist or be in contrast to it? Similarly, if we’re shooting in a hotel, do you want to match the vibe of the hotel or go your own direction completely? There’s no wrong answer here! But it’s another aspect of choosing an outfit for you to consider.

blonde woman in black striped pants and black bra sits on glass counter top
hotel boudoir photo shoot
hotel boudoir photo shoot
boutique hotel boudoir

If you’d like to plan your own hotel boudoir photo shoot, reach out to me!

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