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February 20, 2023

Planning your branding photo shoot


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If you’ve created a brand, you know that one of the most important things is nailing down who your target audience is. You think about their age, economic status, gender, but also what their wants and needs are. When I come into a branding session, I’m thinking about your goals too.

I want to create images that represent you, but also draw the type of client you want to attract. Dr. Alisha Detorres from Coastal Health in Port Angeles, WA worked on a rebrand to have more of an online presence and a part of that was updating branding photos of her clinic and her lifestyle.  

Her brand shifted to be about treating a whole person, so part of that was sharing herself as a whole person.

After meeting with her business coach and getting an idea of the content she needed to launch her new brand, we came up with a game plan to get a variety of photos she could use throughout social media, her website, and online offers. I love creating unique branding images that feel like you. I find that these types of photos can be more versatile and help your audience see more of your personality and heart behind the brand!

I’ve got tips for you on planning your branding photo shoot! And if you need more help, hiring me means we get to plan and strategize together to come up with the best shoot for you.

#1 Be (Your Business) Self

I’d say “be yourself”, but if we’re honest, there are pieces of ourselves we keep hidden in our business and pieces we need to highlight in order to attract the clients we want. So, when you’re planning your rebrand and branding photo shoot, don’t think about showing all the facets of yourself unless that is important to your business plan.

That’s why sometimes it’s smart to hire a business coach to give an outside prospective and help with the branding phase. They are going to have the best information on what to keep in and what to keep out.

For Dr. Alisha, we focused on her clinic, what its purpose is, and the areas of her life outside of work that her potential clients would see themselves in. We wanted her to be relatable but also showcase the healthy areas of her life that others are reaching towards. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga practice, and also her interactions with her coworkers in that space. Plus, showcasing her on the job with her pink scrubs showed that she has many sides to her personality that clients will relate to.

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#2 Choose a Versatile Photographer

I might be biased, but finding a photographer who does a bunch of different types of shoots means they’re coming in with a creative eye that will see your branding shoot as more than headshots. If all you’re looking for is headshots, then knowing who excels in that is a good idea. However, in most situations these days, we’re selling more than a face, we’re selling a whole person.

I brought experience in weddings (adaptability), boudoir (attractive posing), and branding (being able to get those processional shots as well), and I think this served Dr. Alisha well. I knew to get a diverse group of shots to be used in different scenarios. We got close ups on the tools of her trade as well as wide shots to show her yoga practice and give more atmosphere to her branding shoot.

#3 Location, Location, Location

Sometimes, it’s straightforward where we do your shoot, but other times we’re narrowing in on that brand and figuring out what is going to draw the most people in. For another brand shoot I did for a social media and virtual assistant, we wanted to highlight her. We selected a studio because it gave the most minimalist feel and focused on her. The tones in that shoot were neutral and calming.

For Dr. Alisha’s shoot, we focused on the bright, happy atmosphere portrayed in her office, but also the cooler tones that emoted more serenity in the other areas of her life and work.

I can help you choose a location that is going to bring out your work and who you are. Maybe that means we go into nature, shoot in your home, or your favorite local bar or coffee shop. Whatever the case may be, we’ll make sure it evokes you and attracts your ideal client.

If you’re interested in chatting about your own branding shoot and what that could look like, reach out and let’s set up a time to meet!

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