white pregnant woman holds stomach

February 9, 2023

Maternity Boudoir | Tacoma Photographer


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Relaxed + Romantic documentary style photography. I capture things just as they are, to bring you back to that day and make you feel all the same feels.


Two things I love: when a fellow artist asks me to shoot their portrait session, and boudoir maternity photo shoots. Pregnancy is already such a vulnerable time when you’re learning to share your body with another being. Stripping down to showcase that change and vulnerability in front of the camera results in tenderness and emotions that make a great boudoir portrait session. The photo studio in Tacoma where I do a lot of boudoir shoots has a variety of backdrops that lend themselves to interesting textures, light, and moods.

Singles Boudoir vs Maternity Boudoir vs Couples Boudoir

The main thing you should know about boudoir photoshoots in general is what I mentioned above: vulnerability. I understand that coming into the room can be scary or fun or a mix of emotions, and I’ll guide you through the whole experience. But they’re all a little different. Individual boudoir can be used to celebrate sexuality and confidence, and given as a gift or for yourself.

Maternity boudoir photo shoot is meant to document this moment in time and what your body has done! Created a life, and that is beautiful in all of its emotions and changes. I encourage anyone thinking about it to just go for it. You won’t regret having those images in years to come to look back on.

Couples boudoir can be for a combination of all the reasons above. In my maternity shoot with Sarah, she invited her husband, Heath so we got to do a two-for-one. I love incorporating your partner because it makes it more intimate and shows their own involvement in the process of maternity. Outside of that, couples boudoir is a fun and sexy way to celebrate the two of you and your love for one another, either in a studio, hotel, or even your own home is my favorite! Let’s showcase your quiet life together.

Collaboration is important as a boudoir photographer

Whatever type of photo shoot we’re doing, it’s paramount that you’re collaborating with me. I’ll give you a pose, and you can make it yours. We’ll interact more than execute stiff portraits. You can trust me to put you into poses that highlight your beauty, your power, and your love.

maternity boudoir, white woman in baggy jeans and bra standing against wall
couple facing each other, holding hands out, almost kissing
couples boudoir, couple holding hands dancing, smiling at each other
pregnant woman holds stomach and looks towards ground while standing in curtains
pregnant woman looks out window
pregnant woman sits white holding stomach
white couple wearing all black stand holding hands against white wall
close up on hands holding and pregnant stomach
close up on holding hands
white pregnant woman wearing black holds stomach
maternity boudoir, pregnant woman wears black pants and black bra against black backdrop
maternity boudoir, pregnant woman holding stomach wearing a black bra and underwear
maternity boudoir, pregnant woman holding stomach wearing a black bra and underwear
two sets of hands holding onto a pregnant stomach
couples boudoir, couple lays on bed, touching noses
hands touching pregnant stomach
couple cuddles while sitting on the floor in front of bed
woman lays on bed with man leaning over her
maternity boudoir, pregnant woman wearing nude underwear and white bra stands against white wall holding stomach

If you’d like to set up your own maternity boudoir shoot, hit me up!

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