intimate couples photo session in water

February 16, 2023

In-home Intimate Couple’s Session


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Relaxed + Romantic documentary style photography. I capture things just as they are, to bring you back to that day and make you feel all the same feels.


As a boudoir and wedding photographer, I’m often in new situations, sometimes with people I’ve never met before. I like the thrill of excitement and nervousness I get at that initial meeting, at the first click of the camera. Being let into your space and into the intimacy of your relationship, your wedding day, of yourself is an honor I don’t take for granted. One of my favorite things to shoot, because of these swirl of emotions, is intimate couple’s sessions in their home.

Seeing into your life

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in life. Doing an in-home intimate couple’s session can celebrate whatever moment you’re in either by yourself or with your partner or family. Even if you’re renting or just bought a new home that you know won’t be your forever home, or maybe you’re in the middle of interior design in a home you’ll grow old in. Whatever the case may be, let’s get some photographs of you in the space to remember what you were like at that time in your life. You’ll want to remember it too!

Not to mention, it can be a nice break

For Emily and Seth, it was a little time away from their three kids. Anyone who has kids, whether it’s one or five, know that it can be a series of touched-out days and lack of alone time with your significant other. As an intimate couple’s photographer, I’m here to make sure you get those few moments to celebrate your relationship and all that it has grown and made in your household. Or your photo session could also be a way to showcase a new relationship as well. That’s the beauty of a photo, it’ll get exactly where you are right now.

Of course, I love to mix my sessions up with something new so with Emily and Seth, we ventured into the water. They were troopers as the water was freaking cold, but it created some stunning imagery I hope they hang on their bedroom wall.

shirtless man and woman hold each other while leaning against piano
woman sits on piano with plants around her while man stands between her legs holding her
woman sits in mans lap on bed hugging him
woman straddles man in water while they gaze at each other
woman straddles man while he presses his face into her neck and she holds his head
intimate couples photo session in water
intimate couples photo session in water

If you’d like to set up your own in-home intimate couple’s photo session, contact me to set it up!

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