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December 23, 2022

New Year’s Eve Outfits by Moxie


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Finding the perfect New Year’s Eve party outfit shouldn’t be difficult, but every year I dig through my closet and can’t seem to find anything. That’s why I love shopping local at my favorite small boutiques. You might have guessed by now that my absolute favorite store in Port Angeles, Wa is Moxie Boutique.

Find the perfect outfit!

It has everything you could want, from amazing jeans to cute summer outfits. Also, like you might have seen in my Instagram Reel, they have the perfect loungewear for Christmas and New Year’s Day or to give as a gift! But what I’m most excited to share are these New Year’s Eve party outfits that blend so many perfect aspects of a great outfit: fun, bold, and sexy. When I go out New Year’s Eve, whether it’s to a club, a nice dinner, or to a friend’s party (or, let’s be honest, chilling with my toddler) I want to feel good and these outfits will do it for you.

Here are things to remember when picking your New Year’s Eve outfit: be confident. Go for something that you wouldn’t wear on any other night. Tonight is the night to really go all out. So why not go for the sparkle pants that always catch your eye but you’ve never tried?

Be confident, but also be comfortable. Choose a shop that has a wide range of sizes so you’re not having to suck it in or hunt too long to find something that feels like you. Moxie has got you covered in that arena.

Complete your look with jewelry from one of your favorite local vendors.

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Whether you’re staying home with your loved ones and want to stick to these comfortable loungewear looks, or if you want to go all out with these amazing combinations, Moxie has got you covered!

new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit
new years eve outfit

Need more help with outfits? Reach out and I’ll be happy to help!

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