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January 11, 2023

Prep for a Boudoir Shoot


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We all know that feeling of prepping for something big, feeling the anticipation in your stomach, a cross between nerves and excitement. This guide is meant to help you feel calm the closer you get so that you can focus on the enjoyment.

I’m going to go over what it could look like to prep if you booked 3+ months in advance. However, there are plenty of people who decide last minute to jump on an opportunity or a mini session. If that is the case, jump to the bottom for my tips if you’re a last-minute booking!

tacoma boudoir photographer

Three Months Out from your boudoir shoot

At three months out, you’ll want to make all the appointments you’re using for prep. No appointments are necessary, come as you are! But in the case you’d like to get in a last hair appointment, tan, nails, or lashes, this is the time to make sure those are booked.

If you’re ordering boudoir outfits for your shoot, you might want to start the process of looking. We all know supply chains can be iffy at best, so starting to look at three months, ordering by two months is a good move. If you’re waiting to shop in-person, I suggest waiting more till a month out. Don’t be afraid to over-order and return what isn’t your vibe.

I’ve got plenty of ideas on outfits, so feel free to reach out if you need help, or check out some examples here and here. My favorite places to order outfits online are Bluebella, Thistle and Spire, and a classic, Victoria’s Secret.

seattle boudoir photographer

One Month Out from your boudoir shoot

All the fun things are starting to happen! If you ordered online, hopefully the outfits are in and you can do a sexy try-on. Maybe not for your partner, to keep them a secret, but maybe for yourself or your best friend.

My advice when trying on, make sure it’s a time of day you feel good about yourself, set yourself up for success and don’t try-on right after a huge meal. When narrowing down the outfits, you’ll want to choose one that makes you feel really good about yourself and confident, whatever that means.

Some people feel cutest and most confident wearing an oversized shirt of their partners and their favorite pair of underwear. Some feel good in lace and thongs. It’s up to you. For your other outfit(s) choose things that push your boundaries a little bit. You’re already most likely stepping out of your comfort zone with the shoot in general, so go all out. Push yourself a little. Wear that complicated lingerie you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t so far had the courage. Then bring maybe one or two others in case we get creative or I have some input on the day-of!

washington boudoir photographer
washington boudoir photographer

Two Weeks Out from your boudoir shoot

Start stretching! I know that seems weird, but you’ll be surprised how much we move you around during the shoot. The more flexible your body, the easier and more comfortable each pose will feel.

I especially recommend some back stretches since we try to over exaggerate some of those movements for the camera. It might help to even do this in front of a mirror. Lay on the floor, keep your shoulders and butt on the ground but work on getting a little gap between your back and the floor. Don’t hurt yourself! That’s why I recommend doing a little each day a couple weeks out from the shoot.

If you’re doing a tanner, please only try if you’ve done this before so that you know you won’t end up orange. Worst feeling is getting your pictures back and your skin doesn’t look like yours! If you are doing tanning, plan this for week or two before the shoot.

This is also when you’d likely have your hair appointment if you booked that.

If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, now is a good time to practice.

tacoma boudoir photo

A Few Days Before your boudoir shoot

Drink all the water! Make sure you’re getting in all your 64 oz each day (and consider cutting out alcohol). This ensures that your skin is at its best. In the same vein, moisturize and exfoliate. This isn’t the time to start trying new products or new routines, so go with what works for your skin. If you’re not someone who typically exfoliates and moisturizes you could skip it or go with a skin-sensitive moisturizer so that we know it won’t set up any allergic reactions just in time for your shoot.

If you made lash and nail appointments, in the couple days before is when you’ll want to do those.

tacoma boudoir photo

Night before your boudoir shoot

Wash your hair so it’s clean and dry for the shoot.

Make sure everything is packed and ready to go, and do whatever you need to do to feel good about driving and parking at the studio or hotel we’ll be meeting at the next day.

Other than that, relax! Try some mediation or snuggles or whatever makes you feel good. Tomorrow is going to a fun day!

tacoma boudoir photo

The day of your boudoir shoot

If you’re having your hair and makeup done, come with your face clean and moisturized. You’ll also want clean and dry hair (we don’t want to waste time drying your hair, which could cut into your session time).

Wear loose fitting clothing to the studio so that no seams show up on your skin.

tacoma boudoir photographer

Prep for last-minute bookings

Don’t stress about the shortened time span. Go shop for lingerie in person or work with what you’ve got! Still take some time to stretch, but don’t worry too much about trying to find last minute appointments. I don’t want this experience to be stressful at all. You’re going to look beautiful, and we can find a hair and makeup artists for the day-of.

Follow all the days-before and night of prep and you’ll be good to go!

I’m so excited to be a part of your boudoir shoot experience and I hope this gives you a peace of mind that everything is covered. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me.

tacoma boudoir photographer

If you’re wanting to do a boudoir shoot and want to know more about pricing and planning, please drop me line, I’d love to chat with you.

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