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white pregnant woman holds stomach

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Relaxed + Romantic documentary style photography. I capture things just as they are, to bring you back to that day and make you feel all the same feels.


white pregnant woman holds stomach

Two things I love: when a fellow artist asks me to shoot their portrait session, and boudoir maternity photo shoots.

vineyard wedding

We know I love a Chelan wedding. It somehow feels like a vacation even though I’m working while there. And being at Larc Hill wedding venue brings together so many great aspects. Rustic barn, the vines you want for a winery wedding, and sparkling blue waters in the distance. Another perk to getting married in […]

seattle family photographer

I love seeing clients come back year after year as their family grows. Family sessions can bring up a lot of complicated emotions, but they are also so fun. Part of the success to them is letting your family be themselves. If your kids are grumpy, we’ll just work with that. I’m a mom, I […]

tacoma boudoir photographer

We all know that feeling of prepping for something big, feeling the anticipation in your stomach, a cross between nerves and excitement. This guide is meant to help you feel calm the closer you get so that you can focus on the enjoyment. I’m going to go over what it could look like to prep […]

new years eve outfit

FInding the perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit shouldn’t be difficult, and that’s why I shop small at my favorite local store, Moxie Boutique.

Intimate couples session / day after wedding photos – Maui, Hawaii

A dark and moody hotel boudoir session in Tacoma, WA

What I love about doing boudoir photography is that women come into the studio for so many different reasons. Some do boudoir as a wedding gift for their soon-to-be husband. Sometimes it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or anniversary gift. Sometimes it’s purely just to celebrate themselves and capture who they are and their bodies at this particular point in their lives. I’ve had women come in after having babies, leaving partners, losing weight or gaining weight. It’s the perfect boost of confidence and reminder that no matter what is going on in life, you deserve to feel beautiful. There are so many different reasons to book a boudoir shoot and every single time, women leave the studio feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on anything. I feel so lucky that I get to offer this awesome experience to my clients!

Intimate couples sessions, or couples boudoir is a fairly new concept that has been quickly gaining popularity for obvious reasons and I could not be more on board with the idea! As a photographer, I have always felt like the most important part of my job is telling the story of who my subject(s) are […]

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